Lucid Textiles embraces design from every aspect. We want to bring our clients beautiful textiles that enhance your space. 

Lucid Textiles offer many environmental advantages over other textiles currently in the market. With increased awareness towards conservation and the commitment to fully utilizing sustainable materials, this collection meets this challenge by looking to the future as well as working with the past. Using recycled polyester to manufacture these products means less waste. After reaching the end of their useful lifespan these products can again be recycled to continue the cycle of sustainability. 

We are committed to bringing the best textiles on the market to the most important part of our business, our clients.


Lucid Textiles is striving to meet the needs of the design community by gathering valuable input and translating those ideas into products that are welcomed by all. Our awareness of the future has guided us in these decisions.  We continue to develop products to anticipate the needs of the selective end user.



 Commercial Design focuses on functionality as well as maintaining a beat on modern culture. It must stay current and timeless to ensure longevity. Lucid Textiles is here to help with that demand. With creativity, you can use our textiles in many design applications.



With auditoriums, lecture halls and gymnasiums Education Designers understand the need for acoustics help. With the smattering offered by Lucid Textiles, education can utilize more than just acoustics. We can be a one-stop supplier for all things textiles.



 Hospitality Design has a desire to find ways to stand out from the crowd. They need to be alluring and memorable. Our textiles lend a hand to enhancing all aspect of Hospitality. We want to be apart of the first-hand experience to bring clients back time and time again.



We understand that safety is a priority in healthcare, which is why we have options. The multitude of add-on finished should be able to get you where you need to be. Our objective is for a beautiful application while conforming to codes.


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